birdshitThis past Friday evening after work, I took the Peter Pan bus from South Station to Springfield to visit my parents (and dog, and brother, and his girlfriend) in Westfield.  The main reason for the trip was to cook up some healthy meals to freeze since I am without a real kitchen in my apartment.  I have only a microwave, fridge and hot plate, and while I’ve done pretty well finagling some healthy food options with that setup, it’s nice to have an oven to cook something in on occasion.  It’s also always nice to visit my family since I’m crazy close to them.  They’re always good for that kind of laugh that makes your stomach ache and leaves you gasping for air.  It doesn’t hurt either that I more often than not leave there with a few new items of clothing!

Today my Mom and I went on a miniature shopping spree before we started the trip back to Boston.  While stopped at a light, a lovely bird decided to relieve itself above our car and conveniently did so in a manner which allowed a portion of it to land on my sweatshirt sleeve.  Needless to say, I was disgusted.  My Mom laughed and immediately said, “Well Phoebe, you know it’s good luck when a bird poops on you.”  I then proceeded to look at her like she had about nine heads.  I’d never heard this before, but sure enough after googling, I found evidence of an old saying to that effect.  We kept joking and wondering for the rest of the day what kind of good luck was in store for me.

If Boston lacks anything, it’s parking spots.  On my street, there’s a better chance of finding a Red Sox fan happily conversing with a bus load of die hard Yankee followers than finding an open parking space.  As we approached downtown Boston, my Mom and I discussed the possibility of my newfound luckiness post bird dump materializing in the form of a free spot.  Shockingly, directly in front of my apartment building’s door was an open space.  I questioned whether this one instance meant my good fortune had been fulfilled, or if fowl fortuity presents itself as more of a streak?

I’m pretty sure I started stalking the status of my passport’s processing before the post office door had even shut behind me.  Ah, the wonders of the iPhone.  I would have paid extra for a GPS tracker to have been placed on the thing if it were an option.  So because I was on top of it, I knew it was to arrive somewhere around September 22nd.  Even so, I was hopeful that it’s delivery would miraculously take place a bit early and I’d find it waiting for me upon returning to Boston today.  I almost jumped out of my skin when I went to check my mail after my Mom had dropped me off and there was a large manila envelope and a smaller priority mail envelope sticking out of my mailbox.

Not twenty minutes had passed since I’d opened my passport, and I was on the Australian Immigration website starting my Work and Holiday Visa Application.  Twenty minutes later, it was sent off into cyberspace to make its way to some Australian government employee’s computer.  In reading about others’ experiences with the same Visa, I’d come to the conclusion that it would take about 48 hours to receive confirmation (or rejection.)  I decided to login to the online tool that allows you to check on the status of your application just to see how it worked and to assure myself that my application had in fact been submitted. (I am a bit paranoid.)  Much to my surprise, my application was not only listed, but it had been approved!!!  Holy quick!  I now hold a Work and Holiday Visa valid for entry into Australia any time up until September 21, 2010.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a full fledged believer in the “lucky bird shit theory,” I myself am a “lucky shit” for being blessed with the opportunity to fly off to a foreign country for a year and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this run of luck continues through the entirety of my holiday in Australia, a land that coincidentally(or not?) bears the nickname “The Lucky Country.”