The story of Tiger Woods and his alleged affair(s) has been one of the biggest news stories of late. I was thinking about it all this morning, kind of hard not to when you’re bombarded with it by every media outlet, and the more I thought, the more frustrated I became. I don’t entirely understand why human beings become so enamored with the lives of celebrities and why there’s such a back and forth with it all; constantly trying to bring them back down to earth and “out” any of their human flaws and finding some sort of joy in that, yet holding them to some higher standard than the everyday common man and actually wanting and truly expecting them to fulfill that status. I’m sure there’s some psychological reasoning behind our fascination with and our treatment of “stars.” The thing that gets me the most about the Woods situation is that I’m pretty sure over the years it’s been made extremely clear that celebrities of all kinds; musicians, actors, actresses, athletes, politicians, etc. are not above cheating, (or any other human downfall.) If anything, I think, and I’m sure there’s some psychological babble to go along with this as well, they’re MORE LIKELY to cheat! So why in the hell do we, the world, continue to be so shocked and surprised when yet another celeb has an affair? Cut the shit, folks. Just because these people have been blessed with either the genetics to be super great at dunking a basketball or acting on a stage, or simply have the ambition and drive to accomplish those or other things, doesn’t mean they’re any less human than anyone else on this planet.

Tiger Woods is a golfer; a great golfer.  He’s going to golf well and that’s what he should be relied on for and what should be expected of him. He’s not going to cure AIDS, he’s not going to teach your child to read, he’s not going to invent a flying car and he’s not going to help you stuff your Christmas turkey.  What he is going to do, is play a super round or a million of golf and if you enjoy watching that kind of thing, pay attention. Otherwise, he’s not of much use to you.  Stop giving the media the power to hype this bullshit and hypnotize you into thinking instances of humans flaws found within people with a specific talent are of note.

I get that people fall into the trap of thinking celebs are somehow superior to the rest of us, to the “Average Joe” or “Jane,” but seriously, just last night President Obama spoke on sending thousands more young men and women to The Middle East, and I can all but guarantee that more people are more concerned with how often Tiger Woods slept with some floozy waitress from Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, I am not above meaningless, fruity, bullshit entertainment on the occasion. You’re reading a blog written by a girl who watches The Hills on a weekly basis and saw the Britney Spears movie “Crossroads” in the theatre. I surely get the importance of turning off your brain once in a while and partaking in something completely irreverent and idiotic. We’re only here for so long and I wouldn’t want myself or anyone else to spend every waking moment concerned with and worried about the state of the world, but to sit here and obsess over the cheating of a man simply because he’s a top-notch golfer, to have that be a top “news” story, is absolutely insane. It is unimportant. Really. Stop allowing the modern-day media machine to perpetuate the naivety of the human race.