According to my “Days Until…” iPhone app, I have 217 days left until I depart from the lovely continent that is North America for the first time in my life.  While that’s not a whole heck of a lot of time, I refuse to spend all 217 of those days feeling down.  It is severely necessary for me to take a time out from being bummed about, stressed out by and upset over my back problems, and try envisioning myself as again a happy, healthy 20-something by the time August 25th rolls around.  (and really, it needs to happen a lot sooner than that.)  So, I’m going to post a bunch of crap I can’t wait to see and do in my 28th year on this planet while living in Australia in the hope that picturing myself seeing and doing these things will somehow make them actually occur!

Most of what interests me, at least from researching from afar, is outdoorsy, nature kinds of things.

  • Phillip Island:  I am super excited to go see the little penguin parade on Phillip Island.
  • Great Ocean Road: I’m not so sure I can buy into it being this beautiful in person but I’m looking forward to having all doubt erased from my mind .  I’ve only once been somewhere that was supposed to have water that blue, Cancun, and because of stormy weather it looked more like Boston Harbor on a cold, March morning.  I still don’t believe pretty, clear, turquoise blue water exists…

  • Cutie Marsupials:  This one goes without saying, but I can’t wait to see adorable little koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and wombats.  Apparently, it’s illegal to hold and/or pet a koala in Victoria, so that’s just another reason to make sure I get some traveling to others states done.  I must hold a koala.

  • Birds: Thanks to my Mom, I’ve developed a love for birds.  Birds in nature that is, I’d never own one or anything.  My love for them may also be due to the fact that I’m named after a bird.  Who knows. 🙂  Anyway, even though they’re supposedly really loud and obnoxious, I can’t wait to see birds this precious and colorful out in the wild.

  • Aussie Beer/Food:  I’m not a big drinker, let alone a big beer drinker, but when in Rome….so I’ll be giving their beers a go.  Most of the Australian food I’ve come across online; meat pies, vegemite, kangroo meat, sound crazy disgusting to me, but I’ll also be giving those things a try.  Their desserts and candy(lollies in Oz), (with the exception of fairy bread…buttered white bread covered in sprinkles…nasty.) sound perfectly yummy though.

  • Footy/Rugby/Cricket: Melbourne is big into sports, as Boston is, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing their most popular ones.  By experiencing I mean watching while drinking  and eating aforementioned beer and meat pies and not playing, as I am not interested in further injuring myself or death.
  • Australian boys:  They all look like Hugh Jackman, right? 😉