Music plays a GIGANTIC (Yeah, that’s right, capitals, yo) role in my life.  The first thing I do in the morning, even before allowing myself the sense of sight by putting in my contact lenses, is turn on the little radio in my bathroom.  The last thing I do before leaving my apartment for the day is turn off that little radio, and the first thing I do when I arrive at work is plug in my iPhone and throw together a setlist for my day.  I cannot function without music.  If I’m in a bad mood, there are songs that never fail to cheer me up.  If I’m feeling mellow, songs to compliment my laid-back mood.  Maybe I’m angry and I want to enhance that frustration for a bit?  Yep, there are songs for that too.  Because I will listen to anything that can alter, compliment or enhance my mood, depending on the situation, and really, anything that just sounds darn good to my ears, I don’t consider myself to be a music snob.  Taste in music is entirely subjective as far as I’m concerned, and while there is some crap that I would never in a million years listen to and that irritates me to no end, (OWL CITY, Miley Cyrus, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, etc. etc. etc….etc….and one more etc.) I refuse to hate on anyone who happens to dig that stuff to the extent where I would not be their friend or would believe them to be some horrible character possessed by the devil.  If it sounds good to you and it makes you happy, or whichever emotion you’re looking to feel at that given moment, hey, I’m not going to stop you from delighting in those tunes.  (You’re freakin’ nutso if Owl City does it for you though.  Sorry.  Perhaps look into scheduling an appointment with a…hang on…Otologist.  Cheer, Google.)

Anyway, there isn’t much of a point to this post other than that I’d like to say a big fat “Thank you!!” to every single person who has ever written, performed, produced…taken part somehow…in the process of creating music.  Some of your amazing works of art get me through every single day of my life and while I know the industry is a tough one to be in, (and even though probably 85% of what I listen to is old music), I am so grateful for the fact that there are people out there who continue to stick with it.  It truly does impact, in a fully positive way, my quality of life.