As much as I did not want to, a while back I gave in to the Facebook fad. Inevitably, I received a good bunch of requests from people I went to high school with, mostly I’m sure based on their nosiness and not because we were “real life” friends 10 years ago.  I was not a big fan of my high school, nor of most of the people I attended high school with, but that is another post entirely.  Let’s just say I attended high school not too far from South Hadley, MA and this story does not surprise me in the least.  Totally coincidental obviously that the poor girl’s name is also Phoebe.  Before I start ranting and raving about torturous teenage years, let me get back to my point.

Today, one of my many “friends” posted a pic on Facebook of the toilet after her daughter took her first crap in it. SERIOUSLY?! Seriously!!  It is bad enough that photos of things that “back in the day” would have only been placed in a photo album or snail-mailed/e-mailed to close family and friends, photos of things like your new house (down to a close up of the shelving in the closet in the extra bathroom), your gaudy engagement ring from 15 different angles, your kid picking his nose(oh but it’s so cute! barf.), or your cliché palm tree/view of the ocean shot from your “super great, OMG!” vacation, are now plastered all over your small spot in cyberspace to be seen by everyone from your significant other to the guy you met one night at a bar through a friend who once took care of your cousin’s mailman’s ferret.  Even worse, these days, we’ve taken it a giant leap further, and we’re capturing on film things that no one ever would have taken a picture of before JUST BECAUSE WE CAN.  And then, we’re throwing it up online for the internet world to see. There is only one reason to take a photograph of the feces of your child and that is if you are concerned he/she may have some crazy arse (no pun intended) disease and you want to share it with Mr. Pediatrician. Otherwise, NO POOP PHOTOS.  AND DEFINITELY NO KID POOP PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK.  I’ve come to accept that people write trite, silly things on there, so I’d almost be okay with “Jane McPoopykid‘s daughter just pooped in the toilet for the first time! woohoo!” AND, I really don’t think anyone would question the verity of that statement.  “Bob DumbarseFBFriend ‘No way Mrs. McPoopykid, you are so lying, post an image immediately or it never happened!'”  No. The visual evidence is taking it too far.

Please fellow Facebookers, for the love of me being able to log in without hurling my lunch everywhere, use some discretion when you’re about to hit that upload button and share another snapshot with the Facebook community.  Until then, I’ll continue to utilize my favorite button, “hide ‘so and so’s’ bullshit postings,” on a frequent basis.