A few weeks ago I posted a “Things I can’t wait to see/do in Australia” entry. Today I’m going to write about the opposite; things I am very much not looking forward to/could do without the entire time I’m there/will try my best to avoid. 🙂 I won’t include the obvious things like not having my family around because well, they’re obvious…Although, I suppose some of the following are quite obvious too. Whatever, it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want!!

  • Gigundo Spiders:  This is a Huntsman spider.  IT IS HUGE.  While I should probably be more concerned with the smaller, more harmful eight legged creatures, these big ol’ guys freak me out the most.  They are just sooooo big!!!  Also, this photo was taken only a few days ago by an Aussie that I talk to online IN HIS HOUSE.  So it’s not just some crap I found in a Google image search…these things really exist.  NASTY.

  • Snakes:  I freakin’ hate snakes.  How gross is this photo???!!? Bleh!!!

  • No iPhone: 😦 While I’m in Australia, for both monetary reasons and because I should really just spend more time enjoying the “real world” rather than immersed in some internet-land BS 24/7, I’ll be putting aside my iPhone for just a regular old ho hum cell phone.  I realize that being upset about being without my iPhone for a year is entirely lame and makes me sound a teeny bit like a spoiled brat, but hey, I’m not perfect.  Plus, I AM giving it up, so I deserve some credit for that, yes???  (Photos involving that red “no” thing, I don’t know what it’s called, seem to be a reoccurring thing here at ‘Wicked to Heaps’…)

I have to admit, it’s been tough to come up with things I’m not looking forward to. Maybe that’s just because I have this unrealistic idea of Australia as this close to perfect land, and if that’s the case, I’ll just have to update this half way into my visit there. 🙂

And in closing, to tie this in with my previous “good stuff about OZ” post…

  • Australian boys: Even if they do all look like Hugh Jackman, I believe they may be a bit of trouble… 😉  I couldn’t find any photos to portray my point here, so instead I will just share another of Mr. Jackman with you all.