What is with Australia and its crazy freakin’ weather? As if it isn’t bad enough that you have to worry about deadly animals while down under, they also seem to have some of the wackiest weather I have ever heard about. Granted, I come from New England where really the worst Mother Nature dishes out on a somewhat regular basis is a blizzard/Nor’Easter and even then, just stay inside and you’re almost guaranteed to be just fine. This past Saturday (well Friday in the U.S.), Melbourne and the surrounding area had a freak giant thunderstorm deal with hail and flooding and all sorts of craziness. A few months back, Sydney had that dust storm that caused the entire city to turn a reddish orange coloUr. Last summer, the state of Victoria had the deadliest bush fires in the country’s history. I love a good thunderstorm, but what in the name of cute kangaroos am I thinking moving to this place?!!?!!!