Four months from this day I will be landing in Australia. I’ve booked a hotel room in Melbourne for the first five nights I’m there, but where I go and how I get there after that is wide open.

Today, I took somewhere around a six-mile walk (which was huge for me considering my injury.  I’m happy to report that a few hours after getting home, I’m feeling great!) around the Charles River and was reminded how much I love venturing into unknown territory.  I’ve walked near the Charles many times, but I followed a slightly different route for this journey (partially by choice, partially thanks to road construction) and while it only took me to unfamiliar sections of Boston and Cambridge, and not an entirely new city or country, it was liberating nonetheless. When I was faced with the road work detour, I thought about my future trip to Australia and how excited I’ll be to just get out and explore.

Sometimes I find it hard to resist the feeling of complete security in Boston.  It is relatively safe, and living here for many years, having my little routine, often allows me to forget that it is a major city, but obviously you have to take precautions when roaming about any city or some foreign land.  There is a very fine line between bravery and stupidity.  My year in Australia will be filled with moments where I should remind myself to be careful and cautious, and I will, but that won’t stop me from doing one of the things I love most, setting off into a strange place, discovering both its marked, well-known aspects and its off the beaten path, hidden gems, and reveling in that great feeling I experience once I have conquered a new locale all on my own.