I have received this same sheet of paper in the mail every June for the last eight years and each time prior to this one I’d feign deep thought (for about 20 seconds) over the decision of whether or not I should renew my lease, and then I’d throw a check mark above the top short line and call it a day.  Even the three times the rental company upped the rate by $25, I never truly considered moving out.  For the first time when faced with this letter of intent, I sincerely hesitated…however, not about my decision to renew, but about the decision I made months ago that I was going to reject the offer of a new 12 month lease.  You can clearly see in the photo above what I chose to do, but for a good 15 minutes I really considered closing out a decade in Boston in my Beacon Hill digs.

I can’t believe after eight years in my teeny, tiny, downtown Boston studio apartment (and almost nine years in Boston), I am really moving out. 😦  No, I don’t think I’m making the wrong choice, and it is absolutely time for me to move on to bigger and better different things (see: Australia, a place with a kitchen maybe?, etc.) but that doesn’t mean a small part of me won’t BAWL over the thought that this amazingly important and wonderful chapter of my life is coming to an end.