Today is the first of July which means beginning with today, and for the following 30 days, I can say “NEXT MONTH I am leaving for Australia.”  That freaks me out a bit. 🙂

Sometimes I feel the desire to write fluff posts on here; posts without any deep meaning and profound words of wisdom, but I tend not to because so many of my entries on here ARE so introspective and filled with all of these (I hope anyway) great life lessons.  I feel like the fluff will seem stupid in comparison, which it will.  But, I am not going to hold back the meaningless banter any longer!  I want to be able to post more often and so there will be a slight change in the blog in that some of my entries will be filled with…stupidity.  Also, I am sure when I get to Australia and start to blog more often, there will be some days when I just want to share silly stories, etc.

Moving on – Yes, today starts my final month in Boston.  I am taking some vacation time starting today, and won’t be returning to work until July 13th, the day I plan to give notice to my boss that my final day will be July 30th.  I am going to miss the people I’ve worked with here in my department, but I can’t say I will miss the actual work!  My vacation this month will consist of my parents coming to visit tomorrow through Saturday or Sunday, a couple of days to myself, and then on the 8th I am off to LAS VEGAS!!! until the 11th for my best friend’s bachelorette party.  She is getting married in December, and since I will be on the other side of the world, I am unable to attend. 😦  To make up for that as much as possible, we decided to go all out with the bachelorette party and have it in Vegas.  I have only been to Vegas once before, but I surprisingly (I thought I would hate the place), had a blast, so I’m really looking forward to this trip.

After returning from Vegas, I’ll have 3 weeks left in Boston.  I know July is going to fly by.  In early August, I’ll be going to Gloucester, MA for my family’s annual girls vacation.  The girls on my mom’s side of the family – my grandmother, my mom, 3 or 4 of my aunts and 4 of my cousins – all stay in Gloucester near the beach for 3 nights in the summertime.  It’s a great little tradition we’ve started and I’m especially excited this year because my youngest cousin Henri will be in attendance, all the way from Seattle!  Yes, he is “breaking the rules,” as he’s a boy, but we forgive him because he’s so darn cute and because some of us have yet to meet him.  Then, I plan on spending the remainder of my time before leaving for Australia in Westfield, MA with my parents.  Western Massachusetts is beaaaaaaautiful, especially in the summer and fall.  There will be lots of farmer’s markets, long walks in parks, feeding of the baby goats at the petting zoo, farm stand homemade ice cream, picking of fresh flowers, iced coffees on the patio, and lazing around at my parents’ house. 🙂  I am very, very excited for the month of August.  My birthday will be in there as well, and even though I’ll be 28, I still get giddy like a little kid for my birthday.  I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater, but lately I’ve been trending toward a vegetarian/organic lifestyle and I plan on making this cake for my birthday. I’ll be sure to give an honest review of it!

I think this is a sufficiently fluff filled blog post. Basically, I am really looking forward to the coming months and the big change of moving. I’d also like to thank all of the people who have recently commented on here – it’s so nice to know that there are people out there reading and relating to what I’ve written – and it’s also awesome to learn that there are more blogs out there for me to read. My Google Reader has about a million of ’em now, and I say keep ’em comin’. Thank you also to those of you reading who don’t comment – I’m a silent reader of a bunch of blogs myself and that’s great too. 🙂

Hope all of my American (and Aussie in America) readers have a wonderful 3 day, 4th of July weekend.  I’ll be celebrating in my own little way, by munching on a veggie burger (this kind is so good and no soy!!) while watching the fireworks over the Charles from my apartment window for the last time!