Well, there was no cash windfall for this girl in Las Vegas.  No, not because I went and drunkenly gambled away my money on slot machines or because I’m a bad poker player (although, I am), but because I never even made it to the sweltering 105 degree city of sin. Thanks to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad tooth infection, I’ve had a pretty shit month of July so far and therefore, a pretty shit vacation, which began on July 2nd.  I am so upset over the fact that I had to cancel my trip to Vegas- a trip that was 100% for my best friend – my best friend whose WEDDING I can’t attend! 😦  I feel so bad and even though I know she understands and she knows if there was any way at all I could have been there, I would have, I can’t help but want to come up with some way to make it up to her.  Not sure what I’ll do or how I’ll do it but I’m going to make it happen somehow.  I realize of course that there are many worse things which occur that then cause the derailing of plans, and I am glad in this case it was only (I hope anyway) a curable tooth infection, but I am still so sad for my friend whose party I wasn’t able to attend.

Off to soothe my tooth by sipping on peppermint herbal(that there “h”…it’s silent.=P)tea, my back by relaxing in my comfy (this adjective is debatable) bed, and my mind/heart with a little chick flick action via Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Even though I know I have only 20 more nights left in this apartment, it still hasn’t truly sunk in that I’m leaving.