I am fairly certain no one reads this blog anymore.  I obviously didn’t become the obnoxious wedding blogger that I said I might – not that I didn’t become the obnoxious (obnoxious might not be the right word – how ’bout more like, spirited? orrrr…involved? whatever, I had fun! 😉 ) wedding planner outside of this blog. 🙂  Maybe one day in the near future – or the far off future – I’ll start blogging again.  About what?  I have no idea.  Lachlan and I have thrown around the idea of starting a cooking blog, but we’ll see.  For now, on the off-chance that someone is still out there checking in, here are some photos from our August wedding.  It was truly one of the best days of my life – and looking back on this blog and my entries – I never could have imagined just how much my life would change and how lucky I would become because of my decision to move to Australia.  I love you, Lachlan! ❤ 

All photos with the exception of the first three taken by Meredith Perdue – www.meredithperdue.com